Other Works

Works including, personal works, student works and collaborative works

Bird Animation I made as an application for a competition Lupin House hosted.

2023 October

A Pakour Animation I made

2023 February

A collaborative animation with Brian Nguyen. The animation celebrates Nguyen's new position at SMG Studio

2022 September

A collaborative work with a small team from the ALA cohort about a robot pretending to be a wizard named drew and his companion/caretake robot named Susan

2021 May - 2022 May

An animation entry for the 11 second club online monthly competition. My goal was to achieve top 30 but i managed to achieve 11th place!

2021 Dec

An accelerated masters degree course i did that simulates a real life industry experience. I gained an insane amount of experience from this project :0


A student project from the animal logic academy about reviving an underrepresented ancient historical figure.

2021 May - 2021 July